Have Ferrari Inadvertently Given Vettel an F1 Lifeline?

Sebastian Vettel has spent the last few years constantly having to defend himself in interviews for having lost control of the car sending him into a spin and just not being quote ‘on it’ on some occasions, giving people the impression that he’s ‘lost it’.

The reality is, we’re still seeing the situations of Vettel spinning the car, but no one is now focusing on him being the man at fault for it.

When Vettel announced he will be departing Ferrari, tributes poured in as many fans around the world expressed that they hope he stays in F1, while others voiced their hopes that he leaves before it gets too embarrassing. Let’s be honest, the last couple of seasons have been difficult to watch Seb fall, whether you’re a Vettel fan or not.

However, with all the focus being around Vettel and his departure, people have been remembering all of his good moments from over the years, and then when he does do something right he’s being praised for it- rightly so. But the thing is, while Ferrari have admittedly built a car not worthy of putting their own famous logo on, it is actually this which I believe has assisted rather than hampered Vettel this season, on a personal level, anyway. Hear me out...

Whilst Vettel is having a torrid time at the Scuderia in 2020 with constant car faults and scenarios of despair, the focus of the fans, media and people within the sport has shifted from blaming Vettel, to people blaming Ferrari for the car. You might be thinking “how is this helping Sebastian?!” Well, given the fact he does not yet have a seat secured for the 2021 season, Ferrari inadvertently and begrudgingly taking the blame for their 2020 shocker allows Vettel to fight his own corner in seat-talks, arguing that he’s still got it, and other teams cannot deny that he’s right when he says the reason he’s had such a bad season this year is down the the car.

This puts Sebastian Vettel in good stead to acquire a 2021 seat in Formula 1, with Racing Point being the heaviest rumoured move so far, presumably replacing Sergio Perez, to drive alongside Lance Stroll, as you wouldn’t have thought he’s going anywhere.

So, if you’re a Vettel fan and are currently bitterly disappointed in the season he’s having, don’t be. The more Ferrari mess up, the higher the hopes of Vettel getting a 2021 seat. He doesn’t need to prove himself.

What are your thoughts on the Vettel/Ferrari/2021 seat saga?

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